Meet Julianna

Chief Feastronome. Taster of many things, good and bad.

Hey, my name is Julianna – I’m a thirty-something Londoner who’s always on a mission for my next great meal. I love seasonal food that’s bursting with flavour and that’s quick and simple to prepare and that’s what I focus on here at Feastronomics. 

I find recipes from all over the world (I also run the travel + London blog The Discoveries Of), bringing them to my kitchen and then to your plate – helping you to discover your next fantastic eat. 

I started Feastronomics to help people celebrate the joy and pleasure of food.

I’ve been cooking since I was a child, having massive bakeathons with my mother and sisters, cooking meals for the whole family with my grandma. By my mid-teens, I’d taken on cooking the family Christmas meal – a tradition that has lasted ever since.

As I grew older, I became obsessed with the incredible flavours you could get when you bought quality, seasonal ingredients – I grow veg, scour markets and am a big believer in buying the best ingredients you can afford.

Food shouldn’t be a chore, cooking shouldn’t be feared – there’s so much pleasure to be had in cooking simple, creative and fresh meals to enjoy at home.

That’s where Feastronomics comes in. Everyday recipes that are full of life, joy and flavour.

Some are healthy, some are not, some are traditional, some are new – but I hope all of them brighten up your day just that tiny little bit. 

Yours feastfully,


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